Our Essence

We have built the Alinker company while living and working on the stolen territories of all Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island. First Nations people were forced throughout the United States’ expansion to enter into treaties ceding some territories while retaining others. Every one of those treaties were broken by the US government, and the result is the current reservation system, with many First Nations people retaining only a tiny percentage of their traditional territories and other First Nations forcibly relocated onto lands with which they held no connection or left without any lands to call their own. A traditional territory is the geographic area identified by a First Nation as the land they and/or their ancestors traditionally occupied and used.

This land matters, and the people who tended to the land for centuries matter.

We acknowledge that we live on this stolen land as uninvited visitors. We honour indigenous people and this land by using our business as a medium to raise awareness, speak our truths, feel the unbearable injustice that was done to First Nations people, create communities based on deep values of respect and generosity, protect the wisdom of elders, hire indigenous people, build bridges, promote indigenous entrepreneurs and their businesses and do our own inner work to understand and acknowledge who we represent. We choose who we are beyond what we represent by our looks so we can build bridges toward a world for and by us all, in community for the next 7 generations.

We come through 7 generations and in our lives, live such that the next 7 generations can live healthy and together

What you can do:

  • Acknowledge the land we are on, and put it on your HOME page (text above)
  • Add indigenous ventures on your website
  • Partner with and support the LIFT initiative with monthly donations or % of your revenue
  • Hire indigenous people into your team
  • Know your history, decide who you want to be, beyond what you represent

History, living history and present to learn and know about


Honouring Indigenous women owned ventures

We invite you to learn about these women and buy their products

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