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The Radical Generosity Collective Campaign is LIVE!

This campaign is the ONE to support ALL, sponsored by radically generous companies and other people who want our world to be an accessible one and use their money as nutrients to grow an equal access community.

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Marla Glen

Marla Glen (The Glen) has a new album, UNEXPECTED, and it is stunning! Marla Glen has given us special permission to use the song Steppin' UP from this new album for the XS, the XtraSmall Alinker for smaller adults and taller kids.

How It Works

The Alinker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. With an adjustable saddle and handlebars, it is custom designed to challenge society’s assumptions about disability.

Most medical devices are a technical solution for a body with a problem, it emphasizes the "problem". But, we are humans, and we have a body. The body does not determine who we are.

So the Alinker is designed for how we want to live, regardless of mobility challenges.

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The Alinker is for people who identify with being an active person (who they are), but happen to have an illness or condition that impacts their mobility (what they have). It is for people who want to maintain an active life and support their wellness practices.

From intense engagement with our customers, we know that the Alinker is used by people with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injuries, Muscular Dystrophy (including CMT), Arthritis, (Pre)-Diabetes, Neuropathy, as well as people going through stroke recovery, or post-surgery rehabilitation, amputees and so on.

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Other than the physical state, having a mindset dedicated to health and wellness has proven to be a crucial factor for successfully using the Alinker. Based on our experience, we can generally say that you need to be at least able to do the following:

  • Have some command over your legs.
  • Be able to lift one leg while standing on the other.
  • Be aware and cognizant of your surroundings.
  • Know your limitations in order not to overdo it or be unsafe.

Be prepared to spend some time to get used to the new way of moving, it addresses muscle groups you might not have used for a while, and building your condition is to be done gradually. Showing commitment to maintaining healthy practice and knowing that it will be worth the effort - this is what investing in your wellness can look like.

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Wheelchairs are awesome for people who need them!
But, did you know that half of the people using a wheelchair can still use their legs?

There was nothing designed for them to use their legs actively and be at eye level, so the Alinker could be a great addition!

Many people who break their back / neck, or get diagnosed with MS, etc, hear from their doctors that they should get used to the idea of using a wheelchair, that they will not walk again. But walking you do also with your brain! We are discovering that the Alinker activates the brain circuitry and with practice, more is possible.

Our urban landscapes are changing and the Alinker is an excellent ‘last-mile’ vehicle, making an inner-city a more inclusive environment, where people with a variety of abilities are using the same vehicle.

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When measuring your inseam, measure lightly.
When the measurement is on the cusp, choose the smaller size.

If you're still unsure, contact us before deciding on size!

Size Inseam Measurement
Small 27-31.5 inches (68-80 cm)
Medium 31.5-35 inches (80-89 cm)
Large 35-39 inches (89-99 cm)
NOTE: if you're on the cusp for sizing, choose the smaller bike (i.e. if your inseam is 31.5", choose the Small size)

NEW: Gently Used Alinkers

From time to time, people find that the Alinker isn’t for them and send it back, using the 30-day return policy we offer. Sometimes people order the wrong size and we exchange it for another size. These ‘gently used’ Alinkers might come with minor cosmetic damages, like scratches on the body of the Alinker or a nick out of the foam handlebar. However, they undergo strict quality controls to make sure they have only sustained minor cosmetic damages and no structural damages.

Limited numbers available now, and they sell at a first come first serve basis.

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Selma Blair Alinker

Selma Blair says…

"Alinker is a game changer. Able to keep up with my son on a walk while activating my brain without overstressing my body. Thank you for this invaluable invention."

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The Real Cost of Lost Mobility

"You lose your independence, you might gain weight, all of which comes at a cost..."

Finance Options

We understand that many people who could use the Alinker have lost income and gained medical expenses, our current reactive sickcare system drives people into poverty, we get that. And... the Alinker is a high quality custom designed bike, hand assembled with nearly all custom-made parts, and that has a price. The Alinker is not a medical device and health insurances typically do not cover things that support wellness, so in order to help bridge the gap, we offer special ways to make the Alinker more accessible. We know building a new system takes time, but we continue to develop ways to make the Alinker accessible for everybody regardless of income. It requires a paradigm shift, to build a healthcare system that actually supports wellness.

With this signup process you can register to crowdfund the purchase of an Alinker Walking Bike for yourself or someone close to you. With crowdfunding, your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and others in your social network communities can contribute to help you fund your purchase.

The process is very simple. We'll ask you for a few details about yourself and, if you are buying it for someone else, about your friend.

We'll then take you through a few quick steps to personalize the crowdfunding campaign with your own story about how the Alinker will help you or your friend regain mobility, increase social inclusion and improve your emotional well-being.

Once you've got your campaign ready to go, you'll simply submit it to us for a quick once-over to make sure everything is in order and then your campaign will be added to the waiting list. It may take time till yours launches due to high volume requests. Once it is launched, we'll coach you through how to share the campaign on social media and by email to reach the people who can make a contribution and help fund your purchase.

We'll manage the money for you. Unless you reach your goal, none of your friends will incur any costs. If you hit your campaign goal, we'll charge their credit cards to collect payment. Then, we'll contact you to arrange shipping details. Shipping times will vary depending on the availability of our stock.

At every point along the way, we're here to answer your questions and help you make your campaign a success.

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We are excited to announce some changes to the Rent-to-Own Program, in order to make it easier for you to own an Alinker.

How it works. You start with renting the Alinker for minimum 4 months, for a total of $800. After receiving the signed rental agreement and the down payment, we ship you an Alinker typically between 2-6 weeks.

For the remaining payment of $1,177, you provide us with a credit card authorization. Don't worry - this is just a hold. You won't be charged for it at this time - your actual down payment is $800, not including shipping and taxes.

After 4 months, you decide whether you want to own the Alinker or return it. Should you decide to return the Alinker, please do so in the original packaging and pay for the shipping back to us. Once we receive the Alinker, we release the credit card authorization according to the terms of the rental agreement. When you decide to keep it after the 4 months, you have the option to pay the balance over 8 months.

If you want to own your Alinker within a year, you pay the balance of $1,177 in just 8 payments of $148 per month.

Please note that our regular Refund Policy does NOT apply to the Rent-to-Own Program.

Alinker Rent-to-Own: owning your Alinker without paying one dollar more than when you buy it at once.

Awesome! How do I get started?

1) Review and sign our rental agreement and proceed to the next step

2) Make the down payment of $800 by placing your order here

Reasons to Buy the Alinker

Since the Alinker, my quality of life has shifted - now I never really think about my diagnosis.

"As a social person, being constraint in my ability to go out, be in one place, not moving, not being out there having fun… it was challenging. With the Alinker, my life has become more busy - I want to keep doing more. The Alinker makes me want to get out there - it gives me the security and confidence to be able to go out into the world by myself."

Anna O, active Alinker user

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I feel secure when riding the Alinker.

"Being physically restraint created for me mental issues, often just anthill size, but if you have them in front of you everyday, it grows all by itself. Before the Alinker, I was in a grey time… I had pretty much given up on moving like a normal human being again. Now, I can go for a walk, go out with the dog again, get out in the neighbourhood - some people I hadn’t seen in 3 years.

The Alinker has made that possible."

Chris K, active Alinker user

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Since I’ve had the Alinker, my autonomous world is bigger.

"I know that I can do more things on my own, then I feel I have more agency over myself. I can be independent moving around spaces like leaving my house, airports, train stations, even museums… I am not relying on someone else to move me around anymore. But now that I have the Alinker, I can walk, talk, and laugh at the same time. I feel safe, I feel better about myself, and I feel more confident."

Elki S, active Alinker user

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