In our ongoing effort to make the Alinker available to people across the globe, we are continuously looking for amazing organizations that share our values to collaborate with us in this effort.

We are thrilled to have encountered these great organizations, and that they have joined the global Alinker community.


The Care Kiosk

The Team from the Care Kiosk is dedicated to make the task of ordering or renting health care equipment as easy and hassle free as possible.

Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland

Markéta Sedláčková is our contact for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Please send inquiries to


Carlo Pittis is our contact for Italy.

Please send inquiries to

South Africa

Marése Brink is our contact for South Africa.

Please send inquiries to

Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Caroline Baier is our contact for Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Please visit or send inquiries to

United Kingdom & Ireland

Karen is our contact in the UK & Ireland.

Please send inquiries to