The Alinker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. The Alinker is for everyone who wants to maintain an active life regardless of their movement abilities/disabilities. It is designed to be so cool that it overcomes the uneasiness towards disabilities that is felt by mainstream society. When you are using the Alinker you are the person with that cool bike rather than someone who is overlooked or ignored. The Alinker is challenging assumptions about people with disabilities and is striving to build a more inclusive community.

This is the official online store. Look around and see what others have to say. Everything you need to make a purchase is here, but do Contact Us if you want some human support.

"Now with the Alinker, I can whiz down the hallway, easily make eye contact again and I have a permanent smile on my face."
- Valerie Kline (Colorado)

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