Alinker Rent-to-Own

We are very excited to offer our Rent-to-Own Program to our customers in the United States. In an effort to make it easier for people to own an Alinker, we've designed a new program that will make it easier for you own an Alinker.

How it works. You start with renting the Alinker for minimum 4 months, for a total of $800 USD. After receiving the signed rental agreement and the down payment, we ship you an Alinker within a week.

For the remaining payment of $1,177 USD, you provide us with a credit card authorization. Don't worry - this is just a hold. You won't be charged for it at this time - your actual down payment is $800 USD including shipping.

After 4 months, you decide whether you want to own the Alinker or return it. Should you decide to return the Alinker, please do so in the original packaging and pay for the shipping back to us. Once we receive the Alinker back, we release the credit card authorization according to the terms of the rental agreement. When you decide to keep it after the 4 months, you have the option to pay the balance over 8 or 20 months.

If you want to own your Alinker within a year, you pay the balance of $1,177 USD in just 8 payments of $147.13 USD per month. If you prefer smaller monthly payments, you can pay the balance in 20 payments of $58.85 USD per month. You will indicate your preference in the rental agreement.

Please note that our regular Refund Policy does NOT apply to the Rent-to-Own Program.

Alinker Rent-to-Own: owning your Alinker without paying one dollar more than when you buy it at once.

Awesome! How do I get started?

1) Review and sign our rental agreement and proceed to the next step

2) Make the down payment of $800 by placing your order here

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