Alinker - Together we move differently

Want to learn how to conquer your mobility issues, get moving and enjoy life again? 

We're excited to introduce you to two Alinker users (and Alinker team members), Stephanie & Sergio, and share their remarkable stories with you. If you have any questions, click here to Book a Call.

Watch Stephanie’s video to see how she did just that!

Stephanie went from being completely housebound to regaining her freedom and independence, all thanks to the Alinker.

Watch Sergio’s video

Sergio was told he would never use his legs again.  Watch his video to see how, with determination and the Alinker, he is reactivating his brain, learning how to move again and staying active.

The Alinker CAN get you moving again!  Here are the top 6 reasons to try the Alinker:

  1. Get exercise without the pain or worry of falls.  The Alinker fully supports you while you walk!
  2. Be at eye level with your family and friends!
  3. The Alinker is lightweight and portable; it fits easily into the trunk of your car!
  4. The Alinker fits within the footprint of a wheelchair- take it anywhere a wheelchair can go!
  5. Improve your quality of life, physical health, and mental well being!
  6. The Alinker is fun and cool looking!

Be the person on the cool looking bike!  Reactivate your brain, build neuroplasticity and get moving again! 

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