The Alinker Pre-Sales

Welcome to the pre-sales page for three new versions of the Alinker.

Please watch this video with all you can expect and need to know. The complete transcript is below.

How to know which one is for you?

View our size specifications here
And don’t be shy to contact us for help with selecting the right model. (+1-604-398-4947)


The Happy Small

  • Max Capacity: 265 lb
    120 kg
  • Inseam / Seat Height: Low: 24"
    High: 27.5"
  • Availability: Estimated June 2021
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The Xtra Small

  • Max Capacity: 180 lb
    80 kg
  • Inseam / Seat Height: Low: 22"
    High: 26.5"
  • Availability: Estimated September 2021
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The XtraXtra Small

  • Max Capacity: 180 lb
    80 kg
  • Inseam / Seat Height: Low: 17"
    High: 21.5"
  • Availability: Estimated September 2021
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How to find your Alinker size

  1. Stand against a wall and put a hard cover book loosely between your legs.
  2. Measure from floor to top of the book.
  3. Consult our size grid to find the correct fit.

NOTE: If your measurement is on the cusp for sizing, ALWAYS contact customer service (+1-604-398-4947), or choose the smaller size.

Inseam Alinker Size
24 – 27.5"61 – 70 cm Happy Small Adult SizeMax capacity
265 lb (120 kg)
22 – 26.5"56 – 67 cm Xtra Small Kids SizesMax capacity
180 lb (80 kg)
17 – 21.5"43 – 55 cm XtraXtra Small

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New Alinker Versions

Make sure you buy the Alinker for yourself, or the person you buy it for completely loves it and is included in this purchase.

$1,000.00 (Initial deposit)

Video Transcript

We are so excited to introduce these new Alinker models to you and launch the pre-sales option for you here now. You might have seen the incredible videos of Luca testing the XS prototype? We launch the XS for taller kids and little people The XXS for smaller kids and little people And the HS for smaller adults.

Please check the specifications for seat height and weight capacity on our product page. It has taken years to develop these new models, because as a small company, we had to manage surviving, reaching our first customers, building a brand to become a movement for health, resources and my time and funds to be able to develop.

Entrepreneurs have to multitask and prioritize. This was the year that I had time and resources to create the new version and I could not be more excited! It is a pre-sales option which means it will take a few months before you will get your Alinker.

Let me explain the process, and how we can work together to make this all possible in this time.

Why pre-sales?

We produce in Taiwan because of the high quality versus affordability. Over the years we have built great relations in Taiwan, making the Alinker possible. But, since the pandemic many things have changed and they impact us, and by extension you. The worldwide demand for bicycles has dramatically increased and manufacturers are fully booked.

In order to fulfil the large orders, they are pushing smaller orders aside, or increasing the minimum order quantity. This means we have to pay a lot more in advance to secure the production slots for 2021. As a small producer of Alinkers, we managed to secure the production slots for the regular Alinkers, the Small and the Medium for the first half of 2021. We had to make down payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to meet the new minimum order quantities. Where we could order say a 150 Alinkers per month, the minimum order quantity is now a thousand Alinkers. This has had a huge impact on our cashflow as you might imagine.

Currently we estimate that the first 150 XS and 150 XXS Alinkers will be ready to ship by summer 2021. We will detail the date soonest we can give a firm date. To get in line for one of these first 150 XS or 150 XXS units, we ask you to pay a deposit of USD $1000. This secures your place in line and we will send you confirmation the moment you place the order.

In the meantime, if you change your mind, we will refund you the down-payment, minus a $50 processing and admin fee. The final price of the XS and XXS is also not yet clear. The seat is different and has higher costs, and, Taiwan has announced price increases for parts and manufacturing by January 2021. But, our special commitment to you, with your $1000 down-payment now, you not only secure a place in line for one of these first XS or XXS Alinkers, we also give you the guarantee to pay no more than the current Alinkers at $1977 US dollars.

Over the coming months we will send you updates about the production progress. Just before they ship out, we ask you to pay the second payment of $977 to complete your purchase. We are 100% committed to deliver to you the very exciting new models for taller and smaller kids!

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